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The Microsoft Platform and the Evolution of a PMIS

Is a doorway a frame around empty space?  Or is it the space that is surrounded by a frame?  When selecting a PMIS platform, the same question should be asked.  Is a PMIS a series of solutions within an empty … Continue reading

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The Macro View of Technology and Portfolio Management

Enterprises do a lot of things to improve how projects deliver value.  They look to define resource capacity calculations, identify the project pipeline, enhance reporting capabilities, etc.  The list goes on and on, a veritable smorgasbord of PMI terminology and … Continue reading

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In Portfolio Management, the Best Defense is a Good Offense

People often ask me what I do in my role at UMT.  That’s a great question.  The answer is really quite simple: I help organizations define what they want to accomplish through their project portfolio. I help organizations align the … Continue reading

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Clear Goals and Fuzzy Roles

Fresh out of college, shortly after starting a new job, I remember my old boss sitting me down and giving me some advice.  “To succeed in this job,” he said, “You’ll need a high tolerance for ambiguity.”  That’s a theme … Continue reading

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Operating Models and Portfolio Segmentation

Catching up on some of the comments that have been left on a couple of blog posts recently: Prasanna Advi wrote: “I think the key is ‘how’ do you decide what those top 10 (projects in the organization) are, and … Continue reading

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PMO Symposium 2013 Content Available For Download

Lest you missed it, the slide decks from the PMO Symposium held a couple of weeks ago in San Diego are available for download here: Well worth a perusal….

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PMO Symposium 2013 Wrap Up: It’s a Translation Thing

Well, another PMO Symposium has come and gone, this one being the third one that I have attended (the fact that I missed last year’s notwithstanding).  As usual, there were a series of great conversations….the kind of conversations that happen … Continue reading

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Programs as Benefit Measurement Frameworks

There’s this myth pervading the portfolio management space that there’s a single benefit measurement model to rule them all.  Whether it be NPV, ROI, IRR, user satisfaction surveys or any other measure of tangible benefits, the reality is that any … Continue reading

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Strategy Through the Lens of Language

Like many languages, Chinese does not differentiate between the concepts of problem and question.  Those two concepts, which are arguably distinct in English, share the same noun in Mandarin.  To me, this highlights the fundamental semantic similarities between the two … Continue reading

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The Tragicomedic Organization

It’s no secret that I’ve retreated to my underground lair of late to work on upping my presentation game by trying my hand at the odd bit of stand up comedy (and roller derby, but that’s a different story).  That, … Continue reading

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