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PMOs: You’re Either With Them….Or Against Them

It’s an oft repeated joke about PMOs that the difference between “policy” and “police” is only one letter.  (The other joke being that PMO’s are like potato chips; you can’t have just one.)  Preparing for the webinar we delivered this … Continue reading

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Annual Planning, Mode 1 Management and Circular Logic

Gartner introduced an interesting concept at the PPM Summit in Dallas last May: Mode 1 and Mode 2 planning.  Mode 1 planning, as they described it, is the traditional planning approach to projects.  Each project is scoped out, estimated, a … Continue reading

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Project Impermanence: The Sign of an Infant PMO

Object permanence is that step in infant development where the infant comes to realize that an object returning to the field of vision may actually be the same object that left several minutes ago, i.e. leaving the room is no … Continue reading

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[Webinar] Annual Planning Got You Down? Make it Fun Again

Join us for a webinar (presented by yours truly): Learn how portfolio analytics, coupled with appropriate portfolio segmentation and business case development, can be successfully enabled using Microsoft’s suite of PPM tools. See real usage models across Project Online, Office … Continue reading

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Building the Business Case for Optimized Portfolios

That summer trip to Kyrgyzstan is but a distant memory.  The kids are back in school.  The Houston temperatures are dipping into the merely tolerable range, and the swimming pool is no longer unpleasantly warm.  That can only mean one … Continue reading

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Would You Wear a Winter Coat on a Hot Day?

As the Houston summer heats up and the mosquitoes launch their annual siege, the concept of summer safety comes up.  We lecture the kids on what they should wear, and how they should slather themselves with repellent and sun screen.  … Continue reading

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Balancing Speed and Efficiency: Effectively Segmenting the Portfolio (Part 2)

In the portfolio management space, we seem to live on a continuum.  On one side, we segment the portfolio and treat the different portfolios as separate entities.  On the other side, we combine all of our work and prioritize against … Continue reading

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