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I am a consultant with the UMT Consulting Group, one of the premiere project portfolio management consulting companies in the world, galaxy, or universe for all I know.

Project Scheduling and the World Cup

In my training sessions, I often use sports metaphors for project schedule modeling – this, despite my utter lack of any sort of athletic ability and pathological indifference to most sporting events.  The thing is, sports events are great examples … Continue reading

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Alphabetical Order Matters: Naming Task Lists on Project Sites

Figured this out a while back for the forums, but then promptly forgot and shot myself in the foot. Consider the following scenario: You modify the default site template to have more than one task list – for instance, if … Continue reading

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Choosing an Engagement Model

Thanks everyone for coming out to my session on Project Epistemology a couple months ago at the Project Conference.  As I discussed in that session, there are often two conflicting views of any Project Server deployment – and I would … Continue reading

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The Microsoft Platform and the Evolution of a PMIS

Is a doorway a frame around empty space?  Or is it the space that is surrounded by a frame?  When selecting a PMIS platform, the same question should be asked.  Is a PMIS a series of solutions within an empty … Continue reading

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The Macro View of Technology and Portfolio Management

Enterprises do a lot of things to improve how projects deliver value.  They look to define resource capacity calculations, identify the project pipeline, enhance reporting capabilities, etc.  The list goes on and on, a veritable smorgasbord of PMI terminology and … Continue reading

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Business Intelligence: Project Online vs. Project Server 2013 On-Premises

This question comes up on such a regular basis, that I decided to blog it up this weekend.  What’s the difference between the business intelligence story in Project Online vs. Project Server 2013 On-Premises?  To be honest, answering this question … Continue reading

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Obligatory Post About Not Posting

Sorry for not posting in a while.  Having a bit of a role change, starting with a new client, travelling, vacations, conferences, blah, blah – which has sucked up all available bandwidth for a bit.  Interestingly enough, I note readership … Continue reading

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In Portfolio Management, the Best Defense is a Good Offense

People often ask me what I do in my role at UMT.  That’s a great question.  The answer is really quite simple: I help organizations define what they want to accomplish through their project portfolio. I help organizations align the … Continue reading

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My Picks from Project Conference 2014

As you probably are all aware, the sessions from Project Conference 2014 have all been made available online.  Here’s my list of the “must see” sessions. The only problem, of course, is that I didn’t get to see all of … Continue reading

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UMT 360 Workflow Visualization App Review

Props to Alex Burton over at EPMSource for his review of our Workflow Visualization App, a key part of our 2010 package that was spun off into a separate app in the App Store for 2013. Check out the review … Continue reading

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