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I am a consultant with the UMT Consulting Group, one of the premiere project portfolio management consulting companies in the world, galaxy, or universe for all I know.

My Picks from Project Conference 2014

As you probably are all aware, the sessions from Project Conference 2014 have all been made available online.  Here’s my list of the “must see” sessions. The only problem, of course, is that I didn’t get to see all of … Continue reading

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UMT 360 Workflow Visualization App Review

Props to Alex Burton over at EPMSource for his review of our Workflow Visualization App, a key part of our 2010 package that was spun off into a separate app in the App Store for 2013. Check out the review … Continue reading

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Configuring OData Refresh in Project Online (Revisited)

When Project Online was first released, there was no mechanism to refresh Excel reports consuming OData feeds.  Users were encouraged to open the Excel reports and manually refresh the reports.  Macros were written.  Hair was pulled in frustration. Somewhere after … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Yammer Users and Project Server Users

I just realized what I was trying to say in that post last week: Yammer users are selfish.  They want something out of the collaboration experience, i.e. to achieve their own goals. Project Server users are selfless.  They just want … Continue reading

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Project Conference 2014 BI Linkfest

Thanks everyone for coming out to Mike McLean and my presentation on Business Intelligence in Project Server 2013.  Per some of the comments received, I wanted to provide a couple of links to blog posts supporting the demos we delivered: … Continue reading

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Required Reading for Project Server 2013 Administrators

I just wanted to draw your attention to Brian Smith’s posting over on the Microsoft Project Support Blog: If you’re on Project Server 2013 or Project Online, please make sure to read this…and if you’re not following his blog, … Continue reading

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Why Are We Talking Yammer at a Project Server Conference?

Man, that’s a great question.  I’m glad you asked. Of course, there’s the technical reason.  Yammer is owned by Microsoft and falls under that same collaboration SharePoint umbrella Borg thing that Project Server also falls under. Then there’re the organizational … Continue reading

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Clear Goals and Fuzzy Roles

Fresh out of college, shortly after starting a new job, I remember my old boss sitting me down and giving me some advice.  “To succeed in this job,” he said, “You’ll need a high tolerance for ambiguity.”  That’s a theme … Continue reading

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Metrics Create a Shared Problem Space

I’ve been on a bit of an Argyris reading jag after putting together materials for an upcoming collaboration presentation.  Last night, I was reading his book about how to assess the quality of management consulting advice, and a couple things … Continue reading

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Uncovering Your Latent Resource Capacity

‘Ware the resource hoarders in your organization.  You’ll know them because they’re the ones who refuse to provide detailed task estimates for their projects.  When pressed for details on their resource plans, they’re like as not to produce an Excel … Continue reading

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