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Don’t Tweet? No Problem

Playing around with a couple of tools the other day when I found – a service that aggregates Twitter searches into a daily or weekly paper.  Honestly, I’d seen these on other folks’ Twitter streams, but never spent any … Continue reading

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Project Financial Server Post-SP1 Hotfix Released

Figured this was as good an opportunity as any to dip my blogging toe into the Project Financial Server (PFS) waters… For those of you who are not familiar with PFS, it is a third party product that augments Project … Continue reading

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Customizing External Lists of Project Data

In my previous post, I talked about using External Content Types to generate an External List within SharePoint 2010.  The main question, as always, is why would you want to do this? ….a couple of reasons: Your end users are … Continue reading

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Using External Content Types with Project Server 2010

External Content Types (ECT) are yet another function with SharePoint 2010 that allow users to create simple powerful solutions with Project Server data.  ECTs allow users to pull data directly from the Reporting database and surface it within SharePoint lists.  … Continue reading

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Centralizing Project Detail Page Information: Centralized Document List

In the last two posts, I have been exploring a simple, common usage model with Project Detail Pages that allow users to store centralized information in environments where not every project within Project Server 2010 may map to a specific … Continue reading

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Centralizing Project Detail Page Information: Centralized Links List

In a previous post, I talked about how to generate a centralized list of project status updates using nothing more than a custom list, InfoPath, a Query String Filter Web Part, and duct tape.  For this post, I wanted to talk … Continue reading

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New Portfolio Analysis White Paper Published

I am pleased to announce that a white paper I wrote on portfolio analysis with Microsoft Project Server 2010 has been released by Microsoft on Technet.  The paper is essentially a manual for business users trying to configure and use … Continue reading

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The 2011 Project Server 2010 Blogroll

Every year or so, I like to make a list of the active blogs that I follow on the topic of Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010.  Here’s the last one I did from October 2009. (link) Other folks have … Continue reading

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Capturing the Project Narrative with Project Server 2010

I remember the moment very clearly.  A couple of years ago, I was knee deep in a requirements definition workshop for a Project Server deployment.  We’d just waded through all of the wonderful dashboarding goodness of the Project Center views … Continue reading

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Enter the Blogger

I am not quite sure who reads these kick off posts, as most people probably will only come to this site to get to the relevant content  – which I am sure is far more interesting….  That being said, let’s … Continue reading

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